Intensified Police control of narcotics-related criminality – also online

Publication date 15.11.2021 8.28
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In early November, the Police implemented an intensified narcotics crime control campaign. All Police Departments were involved in the control actions.

After the control operations, the Police Departments reported 140 drugs offences, 196 drugs user offences and 13 aggravated drugs offences.  In addition, the controls revealed 79 cases of drunken driving.  During the controls, the Police found 85 wanted persons. 

The controls also took place online, and almost 40 of the suspected offences were cyber-enabled.

– Over the past few years, cyber-enabled criminality has increased.  To meet the challenge, the Police has also expanded its operations, Chief Superintendent Teemu Saukoniemi of the National Police Board comments on the results.

The outcome of the controls included the confiscation of 1.3 kg of amphetamine, 8 kg of marijuana, 900 grams of hashish, 365 grams of the cannabis plant and 135 grams of cocaine. Moreover, almost 700 ecstasy tables and 2000 tablets of various narcotic drugs were also seized.

No fentanyl found

Still relatively rare in Finland, fentanyl or its derivatives were not found during the controls, as is the case with heroin.  However, 100 tablets of the narcotic called Subutex, also used in drug replacement therapy, were found and confiscated.

During the intensified controls, a total of 17 firearms were also confiscated. In addition, the police seized over euro 48 000 in cash. 

– Often other crimes are also detected during the controls targeted at narcotics criminality.  Today, the Police comes across with firearms regrettably often during policing work. This was also evident during the intensified controls, Chief Superintendent Saukoniemi adds. 

The Police operations were targeted at 325 suspects, with seven under-18-year-olds and 18 persons who were caught for the first time for narcotics offences.

The Police departments have issued information on the local results of the intensified controls according to their own discretion.

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