Intensive drugs offence controls by Police

Publication date 16.6.2022 10.30 | Published in English on 16.6.2022 at 12.25
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Ilmi tulleiden huumausainerikosten määrä on laskussa lukuun ottamatta törkeitä huumausainerikoksia. Alaikäisten ensimmäistä kertaa huumausaineista kiinni jääneiden rikoksesta epäiltyjen määrä on kasvanut.

This trend was discovered by the Police during the intensified drugs offence prevention campaign on week 22 (from 30 May to 5 June 2022). The control campaign involved all Police departments. The drug controls focused on drug sales and distribution on the streets and in apartments.

After the control operations, the Police Departments reported 74 drugs offences, 122 drugs user offences and three aggravated drugs offences.

In 35 cases, a connection with online drugs sales is suspected. In addition, the controls revelated 22 cases of drunken driving, seven assaults or other forms of violence and three crimes against property. 

A total of 60 suspects of crime were apprehended. During the controls, the Police found 54 wanted persons.

Drugs and proceeds of crime were confiscated

The confiscations made during the controls include 5.5 kg of marijuana,  250 g of amphetamine and 100 g of cocaine as well as over 300 Subutex tablets. About 33,293 euro worth of cash was confiscated as proceeds of crime. In addition, one firearm was found and seized.

Overall, the Police actions involved 187 crime suspects in total, with 39 persons under 18 years of age. The number of first-time drug offender suspects was 27.

A total of 50 fines were imposed for concluded penal cases found in the controls. The Police also issued 16 cautions.

According to Chief Superintendent Teemu Saukoniemi of the National Police Board, the number of drug-related offences detected was several tens of percent lower than last year. 

- However, the number of underage young people caught and suspected for the first time for drugs has increased somewhat. Likewise, the amount of proceeds of crime confiscated by the Police was higher than the year before, he adds. 

The targeting of the controls and the available resources play a material role on the number of detected and uncovered drug offences. 

- The number of drug-related offences detected during the past two years shows a downward trend, with the exception of aggravated forms of drug crime. On a national scale, the outcome of the intensive controls tend to support this observation, Chief Superintendent Saukoniemi comments on the results.

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