Interviews and technical investigation – Investigation into Viertola shooting progressed over the weekend

Publication date 8.4.2024 13.00 | Published in English on 8.4.2024 at 15.16
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The investigation into the Viertola shooting incident continued over the weekend with technical examinations and a number of interviews. The police also interviewed the suspect again. The police are more or less aware of the course of the events.

– We have already released information that the gun used by the suspect belongs to a close relative. This close relative is not a family member, and the gun has been stored in an appropriate manner. The suspect took possession of the gun without permission, confirms Detective Chief Inspector Marko Särkkä.

Both of the two victims are still in hospital. One of the victims is still in critical condition, but the other victim was interviewed during the weekend.

–  Interviews conducted over the weekend revealed that after the incident, the suspect selected his route randomly. According to current information, the suspect is not believed to have threatened anyone with a gun after leaving Viertola school, says Särkkä. 

Bullying, the motive given earlier, is a very subjective and personal experience. Police are still working hard to find out why the incident took place.

– According to information received to the criminal investigation, the school staff acted in an exemplary and responsible manner at the time of the incident, continues Särkkä.

The police request that the investigation be left to the police and that privacy of all those involved and their family members be respected.

- Since the Viertola shooting incident , several schools in operational area of the Eastern-Uusimaa Police Department  have received various kinds of threats which are currently being investigated by the police. We take all kinds of threats very seriously. Threats should not be made even as a joke, reminds Särkkä.

The next press release will be published on Thursday, 11 April 2024 at noon.

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