Narcotics offences increased among youths and first-time offenders

Publication date 15.11.2022 8.59 | Published in English on 15.11.2022 at 14.17
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The total number of narcotics offences and aggravated narcotics offences have increased in comparison to the respective time period of the previous year. The same development was apparent in the number of suspected narcotics offences among youths and first-time offenders.

The increase was detected in the national intensified narcotics crime surveillance campaign. The surveillance campaign was performed across all police department areas in the first week of November from 31 October to 6 November 2022.

Worrisome development

 The police are extremely worried about this development.

“Police departments have received reports of increased narcotics use among youths over the past year. The surveillance results confirm that this phenomenon is occurring on a national level. While the number of discovered cases is strongly affected by the targeted surveillance and available resources, the trend is worrying”, states Kari Siivo, chief superintendent of the National Police Board of Finland. 

The intensified narcotics surveillance campaign targeted sales and distribution of narcotics occurring on the streets and in homes.

158 narcotics offences and eighteen aggravated narcotics offences

According to the report of the National Police Board of Finland, 158 cases of narcotics offence (140 in 2021) and eighteen cases of aggravated narcotics offence (thirteen in 2021) were recorded. 

180 cases of unlawful use of narcotics were recorded, which is less than before (196). The police measures targeted a total of 362 suspects, of which 25 (seven in 2021) were youths and 34 (18 in 2021) were first-time offenders. There are 51 suspected cases of narcotics sales online. 

In addition, a total of 49 cases of driving while intoxicated, eight cases of violent crime, and fifteen cases of property crime were discovered. 

A total of 151 persons were apprehended in connection with suspicions of crime. Police officers were also able to find 163 wanted persons in connection with the surveillance efforts.

For the crimes uncovered and investigated during the campaign, 53 (44 in 2019) requests for fines were issued and 98 (112 in 2019). 108 criminal cases were transferred to the public prosecutor. 21 notifications were sent and 75 referrals to treatment were given in 75 cases.

EUR 58,700 confiscated as proceeds of crimes 

Approximately five kilogrammes of marijuana, 3.8 kilogrammes of amphetamine, 116 grams of cocaine, as well as over 800 Subutex and approximately 200 ecstasy tablets were confiscated as part of the surveillance campaign. 

Approximately 58,700 euros were confiscated in cash as proceeds of crimes 21 firearms were confiscated.

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