National Bureau of Investigation examines background of vessels sailing in the gas pipeline damage area

Publication date 17.10.2023 18.18
News item

The police stated yesterday that the details of the vessels which sailed in the area during the gas pipeline incident have been established. Investigation has been targeted on several vessels relating to the place and time of the incident.

– The vessels in the area at the time of the incident have been established from open sources. Investigation measures have been focused on several vessels, such as Newnew Polarbear and Sevmorput, but also on others which according to data have been in the area at the time of the damage, states Detective Superintendent Risto Lohi from the National Bureau of Investigation.

In the investigation, the traffic in this specific sea area is however explored much more in detail than the open sources allow.

– Besides the movements of the vessels, their background and earlier activity are examined in cooperation with authorities from other countries, says Detective Superintendent Lohi.

The National Bureau of Investigation has continued investigation into the gas pipeline damage on the site and information analyses relating to the incident. Improved weather conditions enable diving and crime scene investigation at the location of the damage again. 

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