Police are actively investigating the school shooting in Vantaa

Publication date 3.4.2024 10.15 | Published in English on 3.4.2024 at 15.17
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The investigation of the school shooting that took place yesterday morning in Viertola, Vantaa, continues at the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

The investigation continues with technical investigation and hearings of several people.

Police are also actively investigating the motive for the act. The police have a preliminary idea of the motive for the act, but for investigative reasons it cannot yet be confirmed.

There is a lot of different, sometimes inaccurate, information circulating on different social media channels about what happened. The police would like to remind everyone that spreading false information on social media is a crime. We also ask that relatives and loved ones of the victims are respected.

The person suspected of committing the crime was interviewed already yesterday and has admitted to the act during questioning. The weapon seized by the police is a revolver-style handgun. The suspect is a Finnish citizen.

The person killed in the school shooting is a boy. The two seriously injured people are girls, both of whom are still hospitalized. The deceased boy is a Finnish citizen and one of the hospitalized victims is a dual citizen of Finland and Kosovo. The other hospitalized victim is also a Finnish citizen.

Information and tips related to the incident are still requested to be sent to the police via email at vihjeet.ita-uusimaa@poliisi.fi

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