Police are investigating a death in the Vantaa prison

Publication date 6.2.2020 11.45
News item

The Western Uusimaa Police Department published earlier a press release about a homicide . The victim was a child below school age and the suspect the mother of the child. The mother had thereafter been moved to the Vantaa prison.

The suspect has passed away today on the 6th of February. Because the prison is in the Eastern Uusimaa area the cause of death is being investigated by the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

– Commenting on the investigation of the cause of death is limited by strict confidentiality. What can be said on a general basis is that police are investigating the circumstances that have led to the death, says Deputy Chief Inspector Petri Eronen.

The police will inform more on the situation as the investigation proceeds, however only if it is legally possible under the strict obligation of secrecy when it comes to death investigations.

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