Police blog: electric scooters pose challenges even for the police

Publication date 17.6.2022 11.21
News item

Light electric vehicles, that is, electric scooters, are back in the cityscape and public debate concerning them is ongoing. The discussion focuses on for example, serious accidents that have happened to electric scooter users, and other accidents involving them.

Assistant Police Commissioner Pasi Rissanen of the National Police Board comments on this in his blog post on the website of the Finnish police. Rissanen points out that the only way to tackle the challenges posed by electric scooters is cooperation between various parties.

“The police’s role is mainly to supervise the legislation in force, and there is legislation Finland that applies to light electric vehicles. However, it seems that more regulation is needed. It looks like no-one is in control of the overall picture at present.

In his blog, Rissanen describes the situation with electric scooters in various parts of Finland, from the viewpoint of the police. and summarises the main traffic rules.