Police blog: Trial drug consumption rooms may involve opportunities

Publication date 4.8.2022 14.55
Press release

The citizens’ initiative to trial supervised drug consumption rooms is progressing to debate by Parliament. Due to the initiative, public debate in society about narcotics will become more thorough. The police have also considered the threats and opportunities of supervised drug consumption rooms.

In his blog text, Chief Superintendent Tuomas Pöyhönen of the National Police Board discusses the trial drug consumption rooms from the viewpoint of the police.

In his work, Pöyhönen focuses on organised and professional crime and narcotics offences, and it is clear to him that there are no shortcuts to resolving drug abuse problems.

“Problems resulting from the use of narcotics are complex and multi-faceted, and there is no simple and straightforward solution in sight.” 

However, the police want to participate in the debate concerning supervised drug consumption rooms and the risks and opportunities involved.

“From the viewpoint of police operations, the trial would certainly be challenging. However, we see opportunities as well,” Pöyhönen says.

From the viewpoint of the police, the trial involves a number of challenges that must be addressed and resolved, the most significant being the legislation in force and restricting the target group for the drug consumption rooms. 

Read the blog in full: Well-planned trial with drug consumption rooms may involve opportunities

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