Police carried out intensified heavy vehicle traffic controls, fewer total number of sanctions compared to previous campaign

Publication date 15.2.2024 11.36
News item

Intensified police controls of heavy vehicles traffic revealed changes for the better in terms of compliance with prescribed driving and rest periods and securing loads. All police departments participated in the intensified police controls of heavy vehicles traffic held on 5- 9 February 2024.

A total of 1,581 heavy vehicles, 15% of which were non-Finnish, were inspected during the control period.

”A comparison of this year’s control results with the corresponding theme last year shows a similar number of individual vehicle inspections, but a clear decrease in the total number of sanctions,” says Chief Superintendent Kari Onninen.

This year’s campaign resulted in a total of 182 sanctions issued compared to 270 in 2023.

The biggest changes can be seen in the decrease in the number of driving and rest time and tachograph violations, of which 119 (-39) were recorded, and inadequate load securing, of which 40 incidents (-31) were recorded.

The police spent around 2,900 hours of working time on controls.

The campaign aimed to improve traffic safety and to combat the shadow economy and road transport crime. Controls focused particularly on compliance with driving and rest periods, securing loads, vehicle condition and overloading.

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