Police departments to control excessive speeding

Publication date 18.3.2022 9.40
News item

From 21 to 27 March 2022, the Police will control excessive speeding on a national scale, especially on the arterial highways. The controls will be on 24/7, using all available control means and resources. The public will also receive active information on the controls.

The spring may cause very rapid changes in road conditions. 

- In some places, the roads are in bad shape, and especially during night frost, the road surfaces become icy. Combined with serious speeding, these factors may be extremely dangerous, Chief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen of the National Police Board underlines. 

This time, the focus of the Police speed controls is on extreme speeding. 

- Naturally, all speeding is prohibited and so intervening with all cases also prevents the heavier excessive speeds. In fact, the Police hopes that car drivers would follow the speed limits next week, as they always should, Chief Superintendent Ihalainen adds.

Since Finland has not yet taken over the summer speed limits, he finds it is very important that the difference in driving speed between the slower and speedier road users does not cause dangerous situations, let alone accidents.

- The control focus is on the arterial highways but speed and other traffic controls also take place in population centres, he adds.

Through its intensified traffic control operations, the Police wishes road users safer traffic than last year with the respect of speed limits!

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