Police intensifying supervision of regional border at Easter

9.4.2020 17.12
News item

The Police are intensifying supervision of the regional border during the Easter period. The Police will monitor traffic at the regional border of Uusimaa at about 40 checkpoints and via mobile surveillance.

The checkpoints are situated comprehensively along the traffic routes. Via active mobile surveillance, the smaller roads will also be covered. In addition, trains crossing the regional border will be monitored.

During the period of restriction on movement, crossing the regional border of Uusimaa will be allowed only for necessary reasons. Leisure travel – for example, visits to the cottage or travel for Easter festivities – are not regarded as legitimate reasons. The Police will assess the essential nature of travel on a case-by-case basis.

‘It is to be expected that many citizens would like to go and spend Easter outside Uusimaa. Restrictions on movement will apply until 19 April, and public holidays are no exception. We’re intensifying supervision so that the goal of limiting movement will not be at risk – in other words, so that coronavirus infections do not spread from Uusimaa to other parts of Finland,’ explains Police Chief Lasse Aapio from Helsinki Police Department.

In order to make traffic smoother, we request those crossing the regional border for necessary purposes to be prepared for the fact that adequate grounds or reasons must be presented at the checkpoint, either orally or in written form.

‘Police patrols will supervise regional border traffic mainly in 14-hour shifts, including transfer to the checkpoint. The personnel have regarded these work shifts as appropriate, because with this arrangement the time spent in transfers is minimised. I thank our committed personnel for the smooth surveillance and day-to-day operations,’ Chief Aapio states.

The operations are led by the Helsinki Police Department, which is monitoring adherence to the restrictions in co-operation with the police departments of Eastern Uusimaa, Western Uusimaa, Häme, Southeastern Finland, Southwestern Finland and Central Finland. Additionally, the Police have the official assistance of the Defence Forces and Border Guard.

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