Police monitoring movement restrictions also within Uusimaa region and elsewhere in Finland

6.4.2020 15.22
News item

The Police are continuing to monitor movement restrictions at the borders of Uusimaa and also within the region and elsewhere in Finland. The Police are focusing supervision where there is the most traffic.

In addition to the control points, the Police are carrying out round-the-clock mobile surveillance concentrated on smaller road sections. In addition, the Police are utilising automatic reading of licence plates in 24h monitoring, traffic safety cameras, and drones.

‘People have observed the movement restrictions well and have understood that crossing the regional border without necessary grounds is a violation of the Emergency Act. Resources are targeted towards monitoring in accordance with the daily requirements,’ states Police Commissioner Lasse Aapio from the Helsinki Police Department.

Mobility is still permitted only on the basis of necessity or good reason. On the first day, the Police turned back five per cent of vehicular traffic. With regard to weekday traffic, approximately 0.5 per cent remains turned back.

Read more about movement restrictions and have a look at general questions and answers on the subject at: https://www.poliisi.fi/coronavirus_info/restrictions_on_movement

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