Police supervised drivers on land and on water during the Midsummer week

Publication date 1.7.2022 11.32
News item

Police carried out intensive surveillance of drunk driving over Midsummer, especially in popular summer cabin regions around the country.

Police performed mass breathalyser tests without COVID-19 restrictions. The number of breathalyser tests administered was now at the same level as before the coronavirus pandemic. This year, the focus was also on waterway traffic, and people were informed of the surveillance before Midsummer.

The police used around 3,150 working hours in total on road traffic surveillance. Over the surveillance period, breathalyser tests were administered to 35,000 drivers and rapid drug screen tests to 166 drivers. In total, 174 drunk drivers and 45 drug-related DUI cases were discovered. About 500 drivers gave a result that was under the punishable limit.

The police used about 1,100 working hours on water traffic surveillance and administered breathalyser tests to about 1,300 watercraft drivers, catching 38 drunken skippers and one case of driving a watercraft under the influence of drugs. In water traffic, 332 drivers’ result remained below the punishable limit.

During the surveillance, the police came in contact with 30 wanted persons.

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