Police to control winter holiday traffic

Publication date 16.2.2023 8.36
News item

Friday 17 February marks the start of the winter holiday season, with the holidays beginning in the South of Finland. In road traffic, the following weekends will be busier than normal.

As customary, the Police will have intensified controls over the winter holiday traffic throughout the country, with particular attention to stretches of road with traffic busier than on normal weekends.

- The main focus of our controls is on preventing drunken driving, speeding as well as undesirable driving habits, such as not respecting safe distances. We also monitor the use of safety belts and mobile phones as well as vehicle condition and loading, not to forget the tyres that need to be fit for the road conditions, Chief Superintendent Kari Onninen of the National Police Board comments on the campaign. 

He also highlights the fact that in winter traffic, the driver’s alertness plays an emphasised role.

- In dark conditions, the driver who is tired should not set off at all. You should also check your car lights and keep safe distances to others on the road, he adds.