Police to monitor outbound and return traffic at Midsummer

Publication date 19.6.2024 9.00
News item
Police boat at sunset.

The police will monitor Midsummer traffic with both traditionally marked and unmarked vehicles and automatic surveillance devices. The main focus of enforcement will be on driving speeds, overtaking and driving distances, as well as control of intoxicants both on land and on water.

Don’t be in a rush when driving. Overtaking doesn’t pay on congested roads, as it saves little time, but adds to the risk of an accident. So take it easy in heavy traffic, adjust your driving speed to the rest of the traffic and keep a safe distance. 

Only get behind the wheel or helm if you are sober

The police will also carry out an intensive drink-driving enforcement operation on Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day. Keep a close eye on your driving condition also the way back. If you are not fit to drive, please delay your departure or make arrangements for someone who is to take the wheel. Checks on operating a watercraft while intoxicated will also be carried out on the water.

- The enforcement operation will also take into account the driver's fitness to drive in situations where intoxication clearly affects the driver's ability, but the breathalyser test alone does not mean a driver is guilty of driving while intoxicated. Under the Road Traffic Act, in such cases, driving may be banned or prevented until there is no longer any detectable level of alcohol in the driver's system, explains Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio at the National Police Board of Finland.

The police hope for a warm, sunny Midsummer but also remind that safe, moderate and responsible behaviour on the roads and water ensures a pleasant and peaceful Midsummer for everyone.