Police will patrol at Nuuksio National Park due to the increase of disturbances

Publication date 17.7.2020 15.15
News item

Due to the recent increase of disturbances police will patrol more in the Nuuksio National Park. Police has received reports about excessive noises at night, littering and illegal fires. Police will target the most popular places at Nuuksio, including Mustalampi area.

Only a small number of visitors cause the problems but the numbers are increasing. Most of the problems are disturbances, actual crimes are only few.

Everyman’s rights guarantee that everyone has the right to enjoy the nature. Nevertheless, the police want to remind you that the rights also come with responsibilities. Bulletin from the National Police Board https://bit.ly/2ZCoKV4

Also look for visitor guidelines at national parks https://www.nationalparks.fi/hikinginfinland/visitorguidelines

Instructions and Rules in Nuuksio National Park visit https://www.nationalparks.fi/nuuksionp/instructionsandrules

In the case of an emergency call the emergency number 112 and the call is dispatched to the nearest police unit. Non-emergency issues, which do not require a police patrol at the scene, can be directed to Western Uusimaa Police Department [email protected]

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