Press release: Criminal investigation into the shooting incident in Imatra continues

Publication date 7.12.2016 14.34
News item

The police have continued investigation into the shooting incident resulting in three casualties in Imatra. More than 20 people have been interviewed and reviewing the surveillance camera footage from the site has been continued. The suspect himself has not given any explanation for his acts.

The police consider the course of events of shooting in the pedestrian street has mainly been worked out. There is nothing to add to what has been published on it before and no political or ideological motives have been found. Nothing suggests that the victims had been selected in advance. From now on the criminal investigation will concentrate more on what happened prior to the actual shooting.

The South Karelia District Court has earlier today ordered the suspect to be detained with probable grounds on suspicion of three murders.

The police will give further information on the criminal investigation later this week.

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