Progress has been made in the investigation of yesterday's school shooting in Viertola

Publication date 3.4.2024 14.52 | Published in English on 3.4.2024 at 15.39 | Modified on 11.4.2024 at 11.45
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The Eastern Uusimaa police has made progress in the investigation of the school shooting in Viertola.

The investigation has included, among other things, determining a possible motive for the act, interviewing several persons and conducting a technical investigation.

The motive for the act has been confirmed to be bullying. During questioning, the suspect has said that he has been the victim of bullying. This information has also been confirmed during the preliminary investigation by the police. The suspect had transferred to the Viertola school at the beginning of this year.

The investigation also revealed, that the suspect also threatened students that were on their way to school in Siltamäki, Helsinki. The suspect had threatened them with a gun when leaving the Viertola school after the shooting.

The police are investigating this incident as an illegal threat.

Since the Viertola shooting, the police have become aware of an exceptionally large number of different threats, all of which are thoroughly investigated by the police and taken very seriously.

Police confirmed at the press conference yesterday that the weapon used by the suspect in the act belongs to a close relative. This matter is being investigated by the police as a separate firearms offence.

The suspected perpetrator is not criminally responsible due to his age and therefore cannot be arrested or detained. After the questioning and pre-trial investigation measures, he was handed over to social welfare authorities.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on social media platforms

There is currently a lot of false information circulating on various social media platforms regarding yesterday's school shooting in Viertola. Among other things, screenshots of social media profiles of people unrelated to the case are being spread.

We want to emphasize that such activities are illegal and may cause harm to completely innocent people. This behavior also activates others, who deliberately spread false information and boosts online trolling.

We will provide more information tomorrow morning.

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