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Publication date 10.8.2022 17.06 | Published in English on 10.8.2022 at 18.28
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Flying restriction area

The police apprehended an individual who is suspected of airspace infringement, attempted illicit observation and unlawful driving of a vehicle today, Wednesday the 10th of August.

The suspected crimes are related to flying of a remote-controlled unmanned aircraft system (drone). The suspect had been flying a drone above a crowd of people near the windows of a hotel located in Helsinki. The individual is suspected of airspace infringement and attempted illicit observation. Hence, the suspect is also suspected of unlawful driving of a vehicle which is related to the weight of drone. 

The police want to remind those who operating drones to observe the rules. Police will interrupt unauthorized drone flying, such as flying within defined prohibited and restricted areas. In such cases, police may confiscate the drone. Learn more about the regulations concerning unmanned aircraft systems on the Droneinfo webpage .

Flying of unmanned aircraft systems is restricted around the Olympic Stadium today due to the UEFA Super Cup football game. The flying restriction is in place from Wednesday 10 August at 18:00 to Thursday 11 August at 03:00. The temporary flying restriction area covers a 500-meter radius around the stadium. The range covers roughly the are within Töölönkatu – Nordenskiöldinkatu – Vauhtitie – Helsinginkatu. You can find a map of the restricted area above.

Edited on 15th August 2022 at 12:35: removed unclear information about pilots obligation to register and take the exam.

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