Scam calls in the name of the police in Northern countries

Publication date 1.3.2024 13.18 | Published in English on 1.3.2024 at 16.04
News item

The Helsinki Police Department has received reports indicating that scam calls have been made to Finnish-speaking elderly people living in Norway and Denmark in the name of Senior Constable Antti Kopra.

A genuine police officer will never ask for your online banking codes over the phone or through any other means or request money. 

Police phone numbers start with 0295. Official police email addresses end with

What to do if you receive a scam call

  •  If someone claiming to be a police officer calls and asks for money or personal information, end the call.
  • You do not need to take any further action regarding the matter.

What to do if you have provided your information

  • If you have already given out your personal or bank information, immediately contact your bank. 
  •  After that, you should report the matter to the police. You can report an offence online at or at any police station.
  • Do not call the emergency response centre about of the matter.
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