Special Intervention Unit of the police to practise with the Utti Jaeger Regiment

Publication date 22.9.2022 14.49 | Published in English on 26.9.2022 at 10.03
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Special Intervention Unit Karhu of the police will practise cooperation with the Utti Jaeger Regiment in the Uusimaa region from 26 to 29 September. All four days will include practising in Helsinki and the East Uusimaa region.

Two transport helicopters of the Defence Forces will participate in the exercise. During the exercise, police and military personnel and vehicles will be moving in the region. This is a cooperative exercise in accordance with the annual plan. 

“The police are constantly developing their preparedness and cooperation with other security authorities, and we also practise several times a year with the Defence Forces”, says Chief Inspector Juha Hietala.

The police are in charge of any hybrid situations before any recognisable military actions. 

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