Strong recommendation from the police – no gatherings in the centre of Helsinki

Publication date 27.4.2021 9.39 | Published in English on 27.4.2021 at 15.52
News item

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland has extended the restriction on general gatherings of no more than six people until 16 May 2021. In addition, the Finnish Government and the City of Helsinki recommend to avoid gatherings and to only celebrate May Day remotely and with the immediate circle, i.e. in a personal bubble.

“The police will monitor public order and security on May Day. The police strongly recommends to avoid gatherings in the centre of Helsinki during May Day celebrations. Last year, people living in Helsinki showed excellent responsibility, and we expect the same this year”, says Seppo Kujala, Chief Superintendent at the Helsinki Police Department.

Parents should remind their children of not getting together in large groups in public places.

The police will announce more information about its monitoring activities during May Day on Thursday 29 April 2021.

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