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Publication date 20.6.2023 14.12 | Published in English on 26.6.2023 at 10.34
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The police have received reports of people receiving e-mails containing personal information. The e-mails were allegedly sent from the website. The recipients are asked to click on a link in the e-mail and log on to the site using their passwords.

Police have today become aware of phishing messages allegedly sent from the website. The messages have contained personal details of the recipient and a reference to "housing allowance". The recipients are asked  to click on the link in the message and to use their passwords in logging on to the website.

The messages are not actually from the website. The link in the message should not be clicked on or any of the requests responded as the link leads to a phishing site.

The police have information that at least some of victims of the Vastaamo data breach case have received the phishing messages, although other recipients unrelated to the company may also have received the messages.

At this stage, the police do not know that any of the recipients have logged on to the phishing site. Those recipients who have not logged on to the phishing site and disclosed their personal details do not need to file a crime report.  

Don’t get scammed

  • Do not click on links in emails or text messages. 
  • Do not click on links on unsolicited text messages or emails or the search results returned by search engines. 
  • Do not give your personal details, but delete the message.
  • Bookmark the most important websites. Or add them to the favourities list in your browser.

When you believe that criminals have got your online banking details or if you detect unsolicited incoming or outgoing payments on your account, it is extremely important that you contact your bank straightaway and then report the incident to the police.

If you suspect that your personal information has fallen into the wrong hands, see instructions how to proceed on the website.

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