The act of homicide committed in Kannelmäki, Helsinki in the autumn has transitioned to the prosecution stage

9.4.2020 12.06
News item

The Helsinki Police have completed the homicide investigation. The case has been investigated on suspicion of murder, due to the brutal manner of execution and the systematic character of the act itself. According to the pre-trial investigation, the act of homicide occurred at the beginning of last October in a private home in the district of Kannelmäki.

The victim was a man born in 1993. The Police found the victim’s body in Espoo in December 2019, hidden in the boot of a car. The body was found as the result of the investigative measures instigated specifically by the Police.

‘The prime suspect is a 39-year-old man. In addition, four other persons are suspected of crimes linked to the same case. The Police are not providing more details on the case at this time. The pre-trial investigation materials must in principle be treated as confidential until the main hearing. This much I can state: this homicide has been committed with an edged weapon and personal reasons were in the background,’ relates Head Investigator, Senior Detective Superintendent Petri Rainiala from the Helsinki Police Department.

The case transitioned to the prosecution stage at the beginning of April.

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