The Helsinki Police Department is ready for the busiest weekend of the year

Publication date 29.4.2022 10.31 | Published in English on 29.4.2022 at 15.44
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The Helsinki Police Department will increase its presence for monitoring public order and security on May Day.

The Department expects this year’s May Day celebrations to be lively after the quieter two previous May Days that were overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis. The Department anticipates that citizens will be out and about in the city centre throughout the weekend. 

Many traditional events and demonstrations are planned for the weekend. The Helsinki Police Department will ensure safety at the demonstrations and handle traffic control if needed.

‘May Day falling on a Sunday this year makes this the busiest weekend of the year when measured in the number of incidents requiring our involvement. We are prepared with enough officers on duty,’ says Superintendent Jere Roimu.
The Helsinki Police Department reminds everyone to look after their friends, and parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. 

The Department will post updates on the May Day events on its Twitter account @HelsinkiPoliisi. You can also browse posts on the Twitter account without logging in to the service at

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