The investigation of the shooting in Viertola, Vantaa is progressing

Publication date 2.4.2024 17.18 | Published in English on 2.4.2024 at 17.40
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The investigation of the shooting at the Viertola school in Vantaa is progressing. The incident took place In Jokiranta today 2.4.2024 at nine o'clock in the morning.

"The people involved in the shooting are all sixth-graders. One of the victims died at the scene, two of the victims were taken to hospital for treatment. The injuries of both victims who were taken to hospital are very serious," says Detective Chief Inspector Marko Särkkä.

The police have been able to interview the suspect. The investigation will continue in the coming days with hearings from those involved and eyewitnesses.  The police have conducted a technical investigation at the school, which will continue tomorrow.

"The police are investigating, among other things, the motive for the act and the reasons for the incident," Särkkä continues.

The City of Vantaa has published a list of those providing crisis assistance to children, young people and adults.

Shooting incident at Viertola school on April 2 – support available to children, the young, and guardians | Vantaa

“We will provide more information tomorrow 3.4.2024 by 2 p.m.,” says Särkkä.

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