The police are sending people strength to cope with everyday life (video)

Publication date 20.4.2020 13.23
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The isolation of Uusimaa was lifted on 15 April 2020, but we are still living under a state of emergency in Finland. The police still expect people to follow instructions and restrictions, as well as avoid close contact so that we can return to normal as soon as possible.

Tough times also require mental strength. On Friday 17 April 2020 around 10 am, the police published a video on the Finnish police and Oulu police YouTube channels. This video is intended to bring hope and joy into people’s lives.

‘As police officers, we want to do our part in alleviating people’s mental distress and making them feel hopeful about the future. As the lyrics of the song Rakasta elämää say: “The night will end, the morning will come, when the bright new day arrives”. Life will go on, and together we can make it through tough times!” says Petrus Schroderus, Senior Constable singing on the video, when asked about the song of choice.

The range of police tasks shows that anxiety, mental health problems, mental distress and self-destructive behaviour have increased. Even though physical contact must be kept at minimum, we need all the mental support we can give to each other. If your own strength is running out, there are services you can turn to for help.

The police think that people have mainly followed the emergency instructions and restrictions well. It is important that we keep up the good spirits and support each other remotely!

YouTube: Rakasta elämää #stayathome

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