The police is investigating a reported electoral offence in Varissuo, Turku

Publication date 1.6.2021 16.37
News item

The Southwestern Finland police department has received a report that voters in Varissuo-area in Turku have been pressured to vote for a certain candidate. A police investigation is underway.

According to information received, voters have possibly been pressured in favor of three different candidates of the Turku municipal elections.

The matter is investigated as three separate electoral offences. Election commissioners are not suspected of criminal activity.

The police wish to remind voters that the right to vote, or not vote, is personal and every voter has the right to exercise this right as they see fit. To pressure voters using threats is a punishable offence.

The police ask those that have any information regarding pressuring of voters contact the police via email, or by Whatsapp- or text message, number 050 411 7655.

The pre-trial investigation has just started and the police will not at this point give any more information regarding the investigation.

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