The police remind everyone of the safe use of fireworks; maintain order and safety on New Year’s Eve

Publication date 27.12.2022 10.27
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Helsinki Police Department is maintaining public order and safety in Helsinki visibly on New Year’s Eve. Particular attention will be paid to the safe use of fireworks.

Helsinki Police Department is maintaining public order and safety in Helsinki city centre on 31 December 2022 and 1 January 2023. The City of Helsinki is organising a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks after a few year’s break.

“The police aim to safeguard a smooth New Year’s Eve through visible surveillance. We will be on the streets and at events and aim to proactively prevent any potential disturbances and catch anyone potentially suspected of a criminal offence,” says Incident Commander and Chief Inspector Simo Kauppinen.

In particular, the police will pay attention to people’s handling of fireworks and, if necessary, intervene. 

“Last year, we witnessed many very dangerous situations in which fireworks were lit towards other people and even the police with no respect to safety,” says Kauppinen. 

The police remind everyone to use fireworks responsibly. The police also make a particular appeal to parents. Giving fireworks to minors is not allowed. An adult is always responsible for their fireworks. Any fireworks and explosives possessed by minors will always be confiscated. It is now mandatory to use safety goggles when lighting fireworks.

In addition, the police remind everyone that alcohol can be possessed and consumed only by people over the age of 18. Parents are responsible for making sure their children and young people celebrate the New Year safely.

Helsinki’s mobile youth workers will be working with a higher capacity on New Year’s Eve. The mobile youth workers will be present mainly in suburbs, shopping centres, stations and other areas where young people like to spend time. In addition, resources will be focused near the Kansalaistori Square during the New Year’s Eve event.

Lighting your own fireworks is not allowed in many Helsinki neighbourhoods

The Helsinki Rescue Department has restricted the use of fireworks in the City of Helsinki. In general, lighting fireworks is allowed from 6 p.m. on 31 December until 2 a.m. on 1 January.

Lighting fireworks is not allowed on the streets of Helsinki city as well as in many of the parks in the city centre, such as the Old Church Park, Kaivopuisto, Sinebrychoff Park, Kaisaniemi Park, Esplanade Park and Makasiinipuisto Park.

In addition to Senate Square and Töölö Market Square, lighting fireworks is not allowed in Kansalaistori Park Square and the Market Square.

Outside the city centre, fireworks cannot be lit near shopping centres, stations and market squares.

“People’s safety comes first. As referred to in the Finnish Police Act, bringing fireworks to areas forbidden by the City is not allowed. Those who violate this prohibition and endanger public safety can be arrested,” says Chief Inspector Kauppinen. 

Helsinki Police Department wish everyone a Safe New Year 2023!

When lighting fireworks: 

1. Obey the restrictions related to their time of use. Fireworks can be lit only from 6 p.m. on 31 December to 2 a.m. on 1 January. 

2. Do not light fireworks under the influence of alcohol. You are responsible for the consequences regardless of your state.

3. Select the place of lighting fireworks carefully so that you do not endanger other people, buildings, vehicles or other property.

4. Read your firework instructions carefully in advance and follow them. 

5. When lighting fireworks, it is mandatory to use safety goggles, and we also recommend using a lighter stick. We also recommend that spectators protect their eyes.

6. Never:

  • Light outdoor fireworks indoors
  • Light fireworks from the balcony or window of an apartment building
  • Light a firework in your hand unless the instructions specifically mention that it is safe
  • Point or throw fireworks at other people, buildings, other property or burning material
  • Use bangers; they are completely forbidden nowadays
  • In any way alter or combine the products you have bought
  • Even consider using anything other than products sold in stores. The most serious injuries are generally caused by self-made products.
  • Give your fireworks to minors or someone under the influence of alcohol. You are always responsible for the products you have acquired.

7. Make sure not to litter your surroundings. Please collect any used fireworks, sticks and other remains by the following day at the latest.

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