The police stop monitoring traffic at the Uusimaa border immediately

16.4.2020 16.52
News item

Today, 15 April 2020, the Finnish Government has announced that it is lifting the restrictions on movement on the major and smaller roads at the Uusimaa border. The police will stop monitoring traffic at the Uusimaa border immediately. Removal of the check points starts immediately so that traffic can go back to normal as soon as possible. Removal of the traffic arrangements will last until Thursday.

“As per the Government’s decision, the police will stop monitoring traffic immediately and will no longer be stopping traffic,” says Police Commissioner Lasse Aapio from the Helsinki Police Department.

Police Departments from Helsinki, East and West Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Häme, Southeast Finland and Central Finland as well as the Finnish Defence Forces and Border Guard have participated in monitoring the traffic restrictions.

“The historical operation was exceptional for all authorities; yet, once again, it has proved that we can respond to all situations in a changing operating environment through cooperation.”

The goal of the restrictions at the Uusimaa border was to mitigate the spreading of the coronavirus from Uusimaa. During the restrictions, traffic at the Uusimaa border decreased by more than one third compared to the usual, and the police inspected more than half a million drivers. 4,300 were turned back as they did not have a valid reason for crossing the border, while 115 were issued a fine for breaching the Emergency Powers Act.

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