The UEFA Super Cup match affects traffic in the centre of Helsinki on Wednesday 10.8.2022

Publication date 5.8.2022 13.49
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The Union of European Football Associations’ Super Cup football match between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt will cause traffic disruptions in the city centre on Wednesday 10.8.2022.

The UEFA Super Cup is hosted in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Wednesday 10.8.2022 at 22:00. The game is played between the Spanish team Real Madrid and the German team Eintracht Frankfurt. The match is sold out and tens of thousands of spectators will attend the match in the Stadium. Exceptional traffic arrangements and temporary traffic disruptions will occur on Wednesday.

Traffic around the Olympic Stadium

Exceptional traffic arrangements around the Olympic Stadium and Mäntymäenkenttä begin on Wednesday 10.8.2022 at 8:00.

Traffic is affected in the following order:

08:00 Pohjoinen Stadionintie and Hammarskjöldintie are closed to vehicular traffic
09:00 Mäntymäentie is closed to vehicular traffic.
16:00 The pedestrian and cycle path on the West side of the Olympic Stadium is closed.
16:30 Mäntymäentie is closed to taxies and maintenance traffic.
18:00 Mäntymäentie is closed to all traffic.

The traffic disruptions will end before Thursday morning.

The Eintracht Frankfurt fan march will affect traffic around the city centre

The march of the Eintracht Frankfurt fans will cause considerable traffic disruptions on Wednesday. The march will start around 18:30. The march starts in Kaisaniemenpuisto and follows the route Central Railway Station - Kaivokatu - Mannerheimintie - Paavo Nurmentie - The Olympic Stadium. Police will direct traffic during the march.

Drone flying restrictions

In addition to traffic effects, flying of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) is restricted around the Olympic Stadium during the match. The flying restriction is in place from Wednesday 10.8. at 18:00 to Thursday 11.8. at 03:00. The temporary flying restriction area covers a 500-metre radius around the stadium. The range covers roughly the are within Töölönkatu – Nordenskiöldinkatu – Vauhtitie – Helsinginkatu. You can find a map of the restricted area below.

The Helsinki Police Department has been working together with the organizers of the event and other officials to ensure a successful international event.

– Since it is a large event, the police are prepared with sufficient resources. We have worked together with the organizers of the event as well as with other officials. We wish that people in Helsinki have patience with the exceptional arrangements, says Superintendent Heikki Porola from the Helsinki Police Department.

To ensure a successful event, individuals attending are asked not to arrive with their personal vehicles, to be at the stadium on time and to familiarize themselves with instructions from the eve organizers.

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