Hoida poliisin lupa- ja rikosasiat verkossa
Use Police Online Services for your permits or crime reports

Publication date 19.3.2021 9.33 | Published in English on 19.3.2021 at 14.10
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In the current Covid-19 situation, the Police encourages the public to go online when possible.

Permit applications and crime reports can often be filed online. If your case requires a personal visit to the Police, book an appointment beforehand. 

- In certain police stations appointment times are fully booked currently. In such case try again later, states Senior Adviser Timo Perälä of the National Police Board. According to Perälä, all Police stations cannot guarantee possibility to queue indoors. This is due to the current Covid-19 circumstances.

In addition to filing an online crime report, parts of the actual investigation can be carried out remotely. However, if the Police summons you to a questioning, you must attend. If your attendance is not possible because of for example health reasons, please contact the officer that summoned you.

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