We are all responsible for protecting children’s school routes – the police will be visible during the first week of school

12.8.2020 15.35
News item

The Helsinki Police Department will perform intensified supervision of compliance with traffic rules at pedestrian crossings and driving speeds near schools from 10 to 14 August 2020 as well as on the first school day in Swedish-speaking schools on 18 August 2020.

The police will be positioned by school routes in advance to remind drivers and other road users that pupils will soon be returning in force.

Excessive speed and non-essential actions whilst driving, such as using a smartphone, create dangerous situations. In addition to this, small school children are not as easy for drivers to spot from a distance as grown-ups. Children can act spontaneously and make sudden moves, such as rush unexpectedly into the street after their friends. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic will also be monitored.

– You should give children and other pedestrians clear passage on pedestrian crossings. You must also stop when a vehicle on a lane next to you stops before a crossing. Drivers should be particularly alert and anticipatory so that they can react quickly in surprising situations, advises Sami Silventoinen , Senior Constable at the Helsinki Police Department.

The Helsinki Police Department conducted a survey regarding traffic surveillance at the start of the school year. In total, 23 principals responded and expressed their concern over the danger and problems caused by pick-up and drop-off traffic.

– Pick-ups and drop-offs should not take place on pavement, cycle paths, pedestrian crossings or near them, or in any other dangerous areas where they may endanger or disturb other road users.

The police urges parents or other relatives to practise a safe route to school together with the children. When planning the route, keep in mind that a pedestrian crossing, especially when light-controlled, is the safest place to cross a road. If there is an underpass, you should use that instead.

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