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Tampere main police station, lost property

Main Police Station of Central Finland Police Department

Tampere Main Police Station’s licence services are situated in Hatanpään valtatie trunk road across from the bus station. The lost property office is situated in the licence lobby. We receive lost property. No inquiries regarding lost keys by telephone. Open 10.00-12.00. Have a look at our more detailed contact information and opening hours.
Police station on map
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Contact info

Department of this station Central Finland Police Department

Hatanpään valtatie 16, 33100 TAMPERE

Lost property (10:00 - 12:00) 0295 445 389

Opening hours

Monday 10.00–12.00
Tuesday 10.00–12.00
Wednesday 10.00–12.00
Thursday 10.00–12.00
Friday 10.00–12.00

Switchboard 0295 440 131

In emergency call 112.


Lost property

The police provides a lost and found service.

The owner must be notified of found lost items or they must be returned to the police as soon as possible. Typical items returned to the police include mobile phones, keys and bicycles found outside (e.g. on the streets or in parks). Lost items found in public transport, train stations, bus stations or other similar places of transportation or business premises, offices, place of work, educational institutions, hospitals, theatres, sports halls or similar premises should be returned to the staff or lost and found of the premise in question. These are called property found in a public place.

The owner must be notified of found lost items or they must be returned to the police as soon as possible. Items whose acquisition or possession is prohibited or requires a permit from the authorities, e.g. drugs, illegal alcohol and firearms, must be delivered to the police immediately. If you cannot transport the discovered lost items without danger or difficulty, it is enough to notify the police of the discovery. The police will give the finder a receipt for discovered items. You can also return the item to a citizen service point that has agreed with the police to accept lost items or notify this kind of a service point.