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Use our online services because of the corona situation. Apply for licenses and file crime reports online. If your matter requires a personal visit, make an appointment in advance. Queuing at police premises is not always possible.

Poliisi - Yhteystiedot - Poliisiasema ja poliisilaitos

Lieksa police station, police matters

One of the police stations of Eastern Finland Police Department. There is no police office at the Lieksa police station.

One of the police stations of Eastern Finland Police Department. Police station is service point of local police. The duty of the local police is to maintain public order and security; to take measures to prevent crime; to investigate crimes and other events threatening public order and security; to direct and monitor traffic and promote traffic safety, and to implement any other duties prescribed to the policy by law or that they are obliged to carry out. Local police are responsible for police licence services, which are offered at police service points, as well as at several joint service points across the country. Licence services provided by the police are linked to core policing operations, the maintenance of public order and safety, crime prevention and the promotion of traffic safety.
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Contact info

Urheilukatu 3 A, 81700 LIEKSA

Police matters
+358 295 415455

Police matters, Joensuu
+358 295 415320

The orders of pre-trial investigation records
+358 295 415331
Wed 9.00–15.00

Tip line
+358 295 415232

Communications [email protected]
Investigation records, North Karelia [email protected]
Requests for security services [email protected]

Opening hours

Switchboard +358 295 450311

In emergency call 112.

We recommend using on-line services. You can report most crimes online and apply for passport or id-card.

The nationwide police customer service answers general questions and helps with appointment bookings, telephone 0295 419 800  8 am to 4:15 pm.