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Rovaniemi main police station, police matters

Main Police Station of Lapland Police Department
Rovaniemi main police station is situated close to the city centre. The police duty desk receives reports of an offence. You can also apply for a passport, identity card and other permits at us. We deal with lost property and firearm permit matters. There are also fifteen other police stations in our area.

In emergencies, always dial 112.

Please use our online services and book a service time in advance, whenever possible. Read the instructions first before making an application for a passport, personal ID card or other permit or filing a Police report.

If a case is underway and pending, the responses are given by the Police department handing the case. For example, to order copies of records of investigation or criminal reports, please contact the Police department or station directly. Please check the contact details of the department or station in question.

The cost for a call to the Police is

  • the local network charge (pvm) if you call using a landline number
  • cellular phone charge (mpm) if you use a mobile phone
  • international call charge if you call from abroad.

You will pay for the call in line with your operator tariff. Waiting time is also paid for.

Street address

Hallituskatu 1 A, 96100 ROVANIEMI

Opening hours

Ma-pe 8-16.
  • 30.6.2022–28.8.2022
    Rikospäivystys Ma 9 - 16, Ti - Ke 9 - 15.30 Löytötavara Ma, Ke ja Pe 9 - 12

Phone Numbers

  • Switchboard
    +358 295 460321
  • Lost property
    +358 295 416941
    Mon 8.00–12.00, Wed 8.00–12.00, Fri 8.00–12.00
  • Police matters
    +358 295 466250
  • Telephone exchange
    +358 295 460321

Our services are

Asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Poliisin myöntämien asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Lost property

The police provides a lost and found service.

Service information

Löytötavarat avoinna ma, ke ja pe klo 08.00- 12.00.

Reporting an offence

The victim of a crime should file a report of the offence with the Police as soon as possible.

Aseiden luovutus/noutaminen

Aseluvan haltija tai kuolinpesä voi olla velvollinen luovuttamaan aseita poliisille. Aseet on tietyissä tapauksissa mahdollista myös noutaa takaisin.

Service information

Aseiden luovutukset / noutamiset ajanvarauksella tiistaisin. Aseen luovutus / noutaminen sisäänkäynti on Hallituskatu 1 A, 96100 Rovaniemi.

Firearms belonging to estates of deceased persons

After a permit holder’s death, the administrator of their estate must immediately seize all firearms and obtain permits for them within six months.

Presenting a weapon

A weapon is presented to the police in connection with a change of owner or licence modification. The police may request this also for other reasons.

Service information

Asetarkastukset ajanvarauksella keskiviikkoisin klo. 8.30 - 15.45. Asetarkastuksen sisäänkäynti on Hallituskatu 1 A, 96100 Rovaniemi.