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Use our online services because of the corona situation. Apply for licenses and file crime reports online.

If your matter requires a personal visit, make an appointment in advance. Queuing at police premises is not always possible.

Poliisi - Yhteystiedot - Poliisiasema ja poliisilaitos

Rovaniemi main police station, police matters

Main Police Station of Lapland Police Department
Rovaniemi main police station is situated close to the city centre. The police duty desk receives reports of an offence. You can also apply for a passport, identity card and other permits at us. We deal with lost property and firearm permit matters. There are also fifteen other police stations in our area.

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We are part of the

Lapland Police Department

Street adress

Hallituskatu 1 A, 96100 ROVANIEMI

Phone Numbers

  • Lost property
    +358 295 416941
  • Police matters
    +358 295 466250
  • Telephone exchange
    +358 295 460321

Opening hours

  • Mon
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+358 295 460321

In emergencies, always dial 112.

Please use our online services and book a service time in advance, whenever possible. Read the instructions first before making an application for a passport, personal ID card or other permit or filing a Police report.

If a case is underway and pending, the responses are given by the Police department handing the case. For example, to order copies of records of investigation or criminal reports, please contact the Police department or station directly. Please check the contact details of the department or station in question.

In non-urgent situations, you will get general advice from the national advice service, either by phone 0295 419 800 (8 am to 4:15 pm) or chat.  

Asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Poliisin myöntämien asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Poliisin myöntämien asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset tehdään poliisin lupahallintoon. Tämä koskee esimerkiksi passia ja henkilökorttia.

Muiden asiakirjojen katoamisesta ilmoitetaan joko sähköisesti tai paikan päällä poliisilaitoksella ilmoitusten vastaanottoon.

Ilmoituksen voi tehdä joko sähköisesti tai lupakansliassa täytettävällä lomakkeella.

Sähköisellä rikosilmoituksella voit myös ilmoittaa kadonneesta tai anastetusta henkilökortista, passista ja ajokortista. Poliisi harkitsee annettujen tietojen perusteella kirjataanko asiassa rikosilmoitus vai muu ilmoitus.

Sähköisen rikosilmoituksen tekeminen vaatii tunnistautumisen ennen lomakkeen täyttämistä. Tunnistautuminen voidaan tehdä joko pankkitunnuksilla, sirullisella henkilökortilla tai mobiilivarmenteella. Ilmoitus kirjataan tunnistautumisen jälkeen avautuvalle sähköiselle rikosilmoituslomakkeelle. Lomakkeen yhteydessä on tarkemmat ohjeet lomakkeen täyttämisestä sekä vaadittavista tiedoista.

Väärän ilmoituksen tekeminen poliisille on rikos, josta on säädetty rikoslaissa rangaistus.

Lost property

The police provides a lost and found service.

The owner must be notified of found lost items or they must be returned to the police as soon as possible. Typical items returned to the police include mobile phones, keys and bicycles found outside (e.g. on the streets or in parks).

Lost items found in public transport, train stations, bus stations or other similar places of transportation or business premises, offices, place of work, educational institutions, hospitals, theatres, sports halls or similar premises should be returned to the staff or lost and found of the premise in question. These are called property found in a public place.

The owner must be notified of found lost items or they must be returned to the police as soon as possible. Items whose acquisition or possession is prohibited or requires a permit from the authorities, e.g. drugs, illegal alcohol and firearms, must be delivered to the police immediately.

If you cannot transport the discovered lost items without danger or difficulty, it is enough to notify the police of the discovery. The police will give the finder a receipt for discovered items.

You can also return the item to a citizen service point that has agreed with the police to accept lost items or notify this kind of a service point.

Report of criminal wrongdoing

A person who is a victim of an offence should file a report of criminal wrongdoing with the police as soon as possible.

In order to start the investigation the police needs, as soon as possible, a specific description of what, where, and when has happened and who are involved. The persons involved are the complainant and the suspect/suspects.

The police shall enter the information regarding the report of criminal wrongdoing in the investigation and administrative assistance system of the police information system.

The report of criminal wrongdoing can be filed at the police station or electronically on the website of the police.

The report should include, as accurately as possible, a description of what has happened and where and when as well as the persons involved (the complainant, possible suspect and witnesses).

It is important to describe in detail the looks of the victim and the suspect.

Also the contact information (telephone and e-mail) of the person filing the report must be filled in

Information necessary for filing a report of criminal wrongdoing:

- description of what has happened and how

- exact time and place of the events

- name of the suspect, if known

- identifying characteristics of the suspect (age, hight, body, specific facial characteristics, colour of the eyes, teeth, speech, hands, moving, clothes)

- in which direction the suspect fled and how

- if the wrongdoer used a vehicle, the registration number and other characteristics of the vehicle (mark, colour, model)

- dangerousness of the wrongdoer (weapons, state of mind, threats, use of intoxicants etc.)

- the identifying characteristics of any stolen or lost property (colour, mark, model, serial number or other)

A report of wrongdoing can be filed with the police anywhere, irrespective of the place of event.

Aseiden luovutus/noutaminen

Aseluvan haltija tai kuolinpesä voi olla velvollinen luovuttamaan aseita poliisille. Aseet on tietyissä tapauksissa mahdollista myös noutaa takaisin.

Aseiden hallussapitäminen edellyttää aina lupaa. Jos lupaa ei ole, se on mennyt vanhaksi tai poliisi harkitsee luvan peruuttamista, on aseet luovutettava poliisille. Myös kuolinpesästä voidaan joutua luovuttamaan aseita poliisin haltuun.

Aseiden luovuttamisesta poliisille ja noutamisesta takaisin on aina sovittava etukäteen poliisilaitoksen kanssa. Poliisilaitokselta annetaan silloin yksityiskohtaiset toimintaohjeet. Asioidessa on aina oltava mukana passi tai henkilökortti ja aseita noudettaessa lupa tai päätös, jonka perusteella poliisi voi luovuttaa aseet.

Firearms belonging to estates of deceased persons

After a permit holder’s death, the administrator of their estate must immediately seize all firearms and obtain permits for them within six months.

The Firearms Act stipulates that, after the death of a permit holder, the administrator of the permit holder’s estate must, without delay, take possession of all firearms, firearm components, cartridges and especially dangerous projectiles belonging to the estate. Permits for possession of firearms must be obtained within six months. Alternatively, firearms can be rendered permanently unusable or surrendered to the government, free of charge.

After the death of a firearm permit holder, the administrator of their estate should contact the police licence administration as soon as possible to settle the matter of firearm licences and permits.

Presenting a weapon

A weapon is presented to the police in connection with a change of owner or licence modification. The police may request this also for other reasons.

A weapon is presented by taking it to the police station either on any of the days notified by the police department or by appointment. The purpose of the presentation is to ensure that when a weapon is registered for a new owner or an existing licence is changed, correct information is entered in the register. For example, there are often mistakes in the weapon numbers. The police may also request presentation of a weapon if it is suspected that there is incorrect information in the register.

The police department can require that a reservation for the presentation is made by using the reservation system. It is also possible that the police departments have predetermined hours for the presentation of weapons during which a weapon can be brought to the police station for inspection without a reservation. The police departments publish information about their procedures on their websites. If you want to present a weapon on another time than indicated, you have to agree on it with the police department separately.

When you present a weapon you must have with you a licence entitling you to acquire or manufacture a weapon (a weapon licence with either an acquisition or a manufacturing licence). A weapons inspector shall verify that an acquired or manufactured weapon conforms with the licence and enters the identification data of the weapon in the police’s system. A licence certificate entitling to the possession of a weapon can be granted only after a weapon has been presented.