Feedback on web page

Feedback on web page

Please do not include personal details, such as your personal identity code, on the form. We deal with feedback during office hours only.

Please note that accepting or rejecting cookies on the website while completing the form may result in loss of data.

YJA Form

Filling in the form is prevented from 22:45 to 06:00

Please leave your feedback to the police during the opening hours of the form.

Yleinen palaute infolaatikko en

The feedback is not a crime report

It is not possible to report a crime with the feedback form. Report a crime using our online services or by visiting a police station. In case of emergency, call 112

There is a separate form for online tips.

Palaute verkkosivuista infolaatikko en

Failure in paying licence fee?

If you feedback concerns a failure to pay a licence fee, please take direct contact to the Police of your place of residence, using the form ‘General feedback on Police operations’.