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Imatra police station

Imatra police station is situated in Mansikkala, Imatra. The main entrance is from Tainionkoskentie and the accessible entrance from Liikemiehenkuja. The police duty desk receives reports of an offence on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.00—12.00. You can also apply for a passport, identity card and other permits at us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.00–12.00 and 13.00–16.15. Lappeenranta police station deals with lost property. You can inquire after lost keys during Imatra Licence Service opening hours and other lost property by tel. 0295 437 030 (Mon–Fri 9–11). Weapon inspections by appointment from 20 June 2022: in Lappeenranta on Mondays from 9 am to 11 am and 12 pm to 2 pm, in Imatra on Thursdays from 9 am to 11 am and 12 pm to 2 pm. You can book an appointment at 0295 436 980.

In emergencies, always dial 112.

Please use our online services and book a service time in advance, whenever possible. Read the instructions first before making an application for a passport, personal ID card or other permit or filing a Police report.

If a case is underway and pending, the responses are given by the Police department handing the case. For example, to order copies of records of investigation or criminal reports, please contact the Police department or station directly. Please check the contact details of the department or station in question.

The cost for a call to the Police is

  • the local network charge (pvm) if you call using a landline number
  • cellular phone charge (mpm) if you use a mobile phone
  • international call charge if you call from abroad.

You will pay for the call in line with your operator tariff. Waiting time is also paid for.

Street address

Tainionkoskentie 70, 55120 IMATRA

Opening hours

  • Tue
    9.00–12.00, 13.00–16.15
  • Wed
    9.00–12.00, 13.00–16.15

Phone Numbers

  • Switchboard
    +358 295 430331
  • Crime reports, local helpline
    +358 295 435400
    Mon–Fri 9.00–12.00
  • Local licence services
    +358 295 414644
    Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00
  • Lost property
    +358 295 437030
  • Nationwide police customer service and bookings
    +358 295 419800
  • The orders of pre-trial investigation records
    +358 295 414663


Our services are

Asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Poliisin myöntämien asiakirjojen katoamisilmoitukset

Lost property

The police provides a lost and found service.


Arpajaisten järjestäminen vaatii luvan poliisilta.


Arvauskilpailut ovat tavara-arpajaisia, joiden järjestäminen edellyttää kirjallisen ilmoituksen tekemistä poliisille.

Non-money prize machine licence

Keeping non-money prize machines available is subject to a licence.

Notice of a firework display

A company that has got an appropriate licence from TUKES can organise firework displays.

Rock blasting notice

The police must be notified of rock blasting work at least seven days before the blasting.

Räjähteiden lähtöainelupa

Lupa räjähteiden lähtöaineiden hankkimiseen

Unlicensed firearms and explosives

Unlicensed firearms and explosives can be surrendered to the police without repercussions.

Viisumin jatkaminen

Poliisi voi erityisistä syistä jatkaa viisumin voimassaoloaikaa tai sallitun oleskelun kestoa.

Foreigner’s identity card

The police can issue identity cards to foreign citizens who reside in Finland permanently.

Identity card

An identity card is a photographic proof of its holder’s identity. An identity card is also a valid travel document with limited rights.


Passi on Suomen kansalaiselle myönnettävä matkustusasiakirja. Passi on myös todistus haltijansa henkilöllisyydestä.

Todistus ensitunnistuksesta

Hakemus tunnistamisesta tunnistamisasiakirjaa varten täytetään tunnistusvälineen tai laatuvarmenteen hakemiseksi.

Reporting an offence

The victim of a crime should file a report of the offence with the Police as soon as possible.

Approval as a guard

A person who is performing security guard duties is required to have a valid guard licence.

Approval of security stewards

A person who performs security stewarding duties is required to have a valid security steward identity card.

Security officer certification

A valid security officer licence is required when a person carries out security tasks for the purpose of earning income.

Public meeting

The police must receive notification about any public meeting that is due to take place outdoors and in a public place at least 24 hours in advance.


Yleisötilaisuuden järjestämisestä on tehtävä kirjallinen ilmoitus järjestämispaikan poliisille.

Ajokortin erityisehdot ja luokan alentaminen

Ajokorttiluokkaa voidaan alentaa ja ajokortin erityisehtoja voidaan muuttaa, mikäli siihen ilmenee syytä.

Ajokortinhaltijan terveydentilan valvonta

Suomessa vakinaisesti asuvan ajokortinhaltijan on esitettävä poliisille lääkärinlausunto ajokyvyn säilymisestä erikseen säädetyin määräajoin.


Alkolukkoajokortti voidaan myöntää terveysperusteisena tai sille, joka on epäiltynä tai syyllistynyt rattijuopumukseen tai törkeään rattijuopumukseen.

Reinstating the right to drive

After the driving ban, the right to drive is reinstated when the police return the driving license or issue a temporary driving license to the driver.

Aseiden luovutus/noutaminen

Aseluvan haltija tai kuolinpesä voi olla velvollinen luovuttamaan aseita poliisille. Aseet on tietyissä tapauksissa mahdollista myös noutaa takaisin.

European Firearms Pass (EFP)

The European Firearms Pass (EFP) facilitates the movement of target shooters and hunters from one EU country to another with their firearms.

Firearms belonging to estates of deceased persons

After a permit holder’s death, the administrator of their estate must immediately seize all firearms and obtain permits for them within six months.

Weapon licences and permits

The police grants licences and permits for the acquisition and possession of weapons and weapon parts.