Processing times

Processing times

The processing times of applications submitted to the police vary from one day to several weeks, depending on the category.

The police has determined estimated processing times for the some key permits/licences. The estimated processing times refer to ordinary situations in which the application has been filled completely at first instance and includes all the required appendices. By the virtue of law, the applicant must be eligible for the licence they apply.

Categories and processing times

Firearm permits

  • Firearms permit, 1 month
  • Firearms permit (with interview), 1.5 months
  • Parallel permit, as above

Security sector permits and licences

  • All permits (for security stewards, guards and security officers), 2 weeks

Travel documents

  • Passports and identity cards, personal appointment, 1 working day
  • Passports and identity cards, simplified procedure, 2 working days 

Please notice that a separate delivery time is added to the processing times.  

More information on delivery times of passports and identity cards is available on the passport page under Passport delivery and on the identity card page under Identity card delivery.