Alcohol sold by licensed premises to drunken persons

Publication date 2.11.2022 9.27
News item

From 17 to 23 October 2022, the Police controlled licensed premises in various parts of Finland, at the same time also performing supervision of foreign nationals. The control campaign was implemented in collaboration with alcohol inspectors, the rescue department and labour inspectors.

In total, 21 cases of public order violations were detected in licensed premises.  In the majority of them (18 cases), the person covering the guardian function did not carry the appropriate guardian card while at work. 

- In this year’s controls, the Police and alcohol inspectors had to intervene in 18 cases where alcohol was served to people who were clearly drunk. Four cases of serving alcohol to minors were also found during the controls, Chief Superintendent Ari Järvenpää of the National Police Board reports on the campaign. 

The number of public disturbances in the restaurants was 16 whereas five cases of disturbance were detected immediately outside the restaurants.

Various shortcomings and violations found during the controls resulted in the total of 40 reports made to the regional government authorities. 

Moreover, one illegally employed foreign national working in a restaurant was identified while in three cases, the Police detected signs of potential human trafficking. 

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