Apply for a firearms permit in well before the summer and autumn hunting season

Publication date 29.4.2024 15.00
News item

Ensure the start of the autumn hunting season and apply for a firearms permit now, before the summer. You can initiate your application for a firearms permit through the police e-services. However, remember to attach to your electronic application a copy of your hunting card and the game management fee paid. 

E-services require care on behalf of the applicant

The police recommend using electronic services, which are quick and easy. However, the National Police Board reminds applicants that the use of e-services has not changed the criteria for granting a permit and the attachments required for it. The required documents must also be attached to the application electronically. 
“Electronic applications must be filled in carefully and all necessary attachments, such as an image of the hunting card and the game management fee paid, must be saved. In this case, the police department can make a firearms permit decision without the delay caused by requests for additional information,” says Senior Adviser Tarja Ranta at the National Police Board of Finland.  
Since the beginning of March 2024, a new service opened in police e-services has made it possible to initiate firearm permit matters and submit firearm notifications. While many applications have been submitted through the new services, many shortcomings have also been found, and incomplete applications have slowed down the processing of permit matters at police departments. 
More information is available on the website and the police national helpline.

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