Blog post: A prank can be cybercrime

Publication date 25.10.2022 10.13 | Published in English on 25.10.2022 at 14.44
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The police blog post discusses cybercrime committed by young people and intervention by the police. The Cybercrime Exit project aims to prevent young people from committing cybercrime.

Police statistics on cybercrime in both Finland and other countries highlight the role of minors and young people. The Cybercrime Exit Project Manager Viivi Lehtinen and Administrative Officer Aki Somerkallio of the NBI discuss in the blog post their findings on the role of young people in the changing cyber environment.

– Minor offences by children and young people may lead to the spiral of more serious, generally economically motivated cybercrime as early as under the age of 15, which is the age of criminal responsibility in Finland. General reasons leading young people to committing cybercrime are their age, interest in technology, technical skills and, particularly at an early stage, non-traditional motives such as curiosity, boredom or joking, says the blog post.

Read the blog post: A prank can be cybercrime

This blog post is published as part of the European Cybersecurity Month.

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