Blog post: Fraudsters want your money

Publication date 11.10.2022 15.00
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The police blog post discusses the prevention of cyber-enabled fraud. The police are carrying out a project financed by the Ministry of the Interior that aims to increase the awareness of fraud against elderly people.

The project on preventing fraud against elderly people is coordinated at the National Bureau of Investigation by Administrative Officer Marika Koskinen, whose blog post discusses typical types of fraud and how to protect against them.

– Criminals keep coming up with new and more credible scams. Therefore, it is important to realise that different types of fraud basically follow the same pattern: A fraudster contacts you and, by saying it is urgent, tries to make you give your personal data, download remote control software or click on a fraudulent link. By claiming it is urgent, criminals want you to make careless decisions, the ultimate goal being to cause you to suffer financial loss, Marika Koskinen writes.

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The blog post is published as part of the European Cybersecurity Month.

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