Control at pedestrian crossings spawned sanctions

26.8.2021 11.37 | Published in English on 26.8.2021 at 13.46
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The Police theme day held on 24 August and aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users resulted in 64 sanctions being issued to drivers of motorised vehicles. The reason was that drivers failed to give pedestrians unhindered passage.

The theme day was aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users and during the day, the Police intensified surveillance of safety at pedestrian crossings, especially compliance with pedestrian crossing rules.

Control was mainly targeted at vehicle drivers and their road traffic behaviour at pedestrian crossings.

“During the day, the Police had to intervene in the behaviour of all road user groups,” reports Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio at the National Police Board. 

Most sanctions, 64 (85 in a similar campaign in the spring) were issued to drivers of motorised vehicles for failing to give unhindered passage to pedestrians. In addition, a total of 66 (44 in the spring) motorists received traffic penalty fees and fines for other violations of pedestrian crossing rules. 

Cyclists and operators of light e-vehicles received 35 (57) cautions and five (6) traffic penalty fees for failure to observe pedestrian crossing rules. Pedestrians earned a caution for walking against a red light on 16 occasions.

he Police will continue to promote the traffic safety of road users by organising another control day on the theme later in the autumn. 

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