Conversion of shotgun calibre is always subject to a licence

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Altering the length of shotgun cartridge chamber changes the shotgun’s calibre. For example, a licence is required for converting a 12/70 calibre shotgun to calibre 12/76.

Provisions on the conversion of a firearm are laid down in section 12 of the Firearms Act (1/1998):

Conversion of a firearm means a measure which changes the type, mode of operation or calibre of a firearm, changes a long firearm to a short firearm or a short firearm to a long firearm or changes a firearm other than a pocket gun to a pocket gun.

Provisions on firearms licence are laid down in section 42 of the Firearms Act:

A firearms licence is a licence entitling the holder to possess a firearm, a high-powered air gun or a firearm component, which may be accompanied by the right to acquire a firearm or firearm component (right of acquisition) or to manufacture or convert it for a private purpose (right of private manufacture). A police department issues and revokes the firearms licence. However, a firearms licence for the acquisition or manufacture or conversion for private use of a particularly dangerous firearm and its component is issued and revoked by the National Police Board or a police unit designated by it.

This means that the conversion of shotgun calibre is always subject to a licence that includes the right of private manufacture for modification of the calibre. The licence application for firearms licence for the conversion of calibre can be submitted to a police department and the application fee is EUR 105.

The Firearms Act 1/1998 in Finlex (in Finnish)

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