Couple walking on Viertotie in Porvoo on 8–9 October requested to contact the police

Publication date 10.11.2022 9.16 | Published in English on 10.11.2022 at 9.19
News item

Eastern Uusimaa police requests a couple who were out walking on Viertotie in the Gammelbacka district in Porvoo around midnight 8–9 October 2022 to contact the police.

Eyewitness reports suggest that the couple came across a man armed with a knife, who stabbed the male member of the couple twice and then left the scene. The eyewitness who saw the incident talked with the couple after the offence and the eyewitness’ impression was that the couple possibly came originally from the Middle East area. 

The suspected violent offender has been caught by the police later. 

The police do not suspect that the couple in question has committed any offence, but urge them to contact the police in person to clarify the case, either by telephoning the police hotline at 0295 413636, or by sending email to 

In order to reach the parties concerned, this bulletin has been published on the Eastern Uusimaa police website in Finnish and English, and a link is provided in the police department’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).

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