Firearms that are unfit for use must be reported to the police – check your cabinets during the summer and submit a notice at the end of September

Publication date 7.7.2023 14.27
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All firearms that have been rendered permanently unfit for use or deactivated must be registered. These firearms are often found as memorabilia and inherited property at people’s homes. The police must be notified of such firearms.

The known identification information for the firearm are required for the notice:

  • Firearm type
  • Brand
  • Model 
  • Calibre
  • Serial number
  • The current owner or holder

If the current holder of the firearm has already reported the firearm to the police, it does not need to be reported again. When the ownership of a firearm changes, the new owner must always submit a new notice within 30 days from the change of ownership. 

Online services help with the notification starting from September

Citizens can submit a notice on firearms permanently unfit for use and deactivated firearms via the police’s online services starting from 19 September 2023. The service will assist in entering the identification information. This will make submitting the notice quicker and easier. 

The notice can also be submitted by visiting a police station. The contact information for police stations can be found on the website.

Why is this? Take care of the notification in time

A transitional provision of the Firearms Act requires a notification to the police of: 

  • a firearm rendered permanently unfit for use prior to 8 April 2016
  • a firearm that has been deactivated after this. 

The notice must be submitted by 15 July 2024. After this, possessing a firearm that has not been reported will be a punishable offence.  If the ownership of a firearm that is unfit for use or has been deactivated changes during the transition period, reports for handover and reception must be made within 30 days. 

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