Focus on driving and rest times in heavy traffic controls

Publication date 15.7.2022 9.30
News item

The Police will have intensified and nation-wide heavy traffic controls from Monday 18 July to Sunday 24 July 2022, with all Police Departments participating in the campaign.

The control week is also part of the European-wide control theme of the European Roads Policing Network (ROADPOL).

One of the focus areas set for the Police traffic safety work in 2022 is, precisely, heavy traffic control. The objective of the control campaign is not only improved traffic safety but also the prevention of grey economy and traffic-related criminality.

- Similar to earlier corresponding campaigns, this year’s controls are targeted, in particular, at the most evident problems, such as the non-compliance with prescribed driving and rest periods, at cargo securement and vehicle condition, Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio of the National Police Board explains. 
In 2021, the corresponding heavy traffic control period involved 1 570 inspected vehicles. Last year, the violations of rules related to driving and rest periods and tachographs (vehicle running recorders) alone numbered 290 while cargo securement was insufficient in 56 cases.

According to Chief Superintendent Kallio, this year’s objective is to check about 1 500-1 to 1 700 vehicles. 

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