Intensified monitoring of licensed premises – increase in number of reports to regional administration agencies

8.10.2021 9.41 | Published in English on 8.10.2021 at 12.28
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The police inspected around 190 licensed premises between 27 September and 3 October 2021 in conjunction with a period of monitoring licensed premises and foreign nationals. Monitoring was carried out in collaboration with alcohol inspectors, rescue services and occupational health and safety inspectors.

Eight breaches of public order were found on licensed premises. Most (5) of the incidents involved persons performing security steward duties not having their valid security steward card with them at the workplace.

“The police and alcohol inspectors had to intervene in 18 incidents of serving alcoholic beverages to clearly intoxicated persons. Fortunately, there no incidents of serving alcoholic beverages to underaged persons this year,” says Chief Superintendent Ari Järvenpää.

A total of 46 various shortcomings and breaches were reported to the regional administration agencies in conjunction with the campaign. Five reports of offences were filed in conjunction with inspection of the serving of alcoholic beverages.

“In conjunction with the campaign, checks were made on a total of 509 foreign nationals to ensure they had the right of residence in Finland. A total of 14 foreign nationals were caught working without the required work permit and one person was illegally in the country. Indications of human trafficking were detected in one case,” said Chief Superintendent Ari Jokinen.

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